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Temporary Bathrooms for Construction Sites

While you build the permanent structure, we provide the construction portable toilets for your crew to get through the work day safely and without any issues.


We work with you and your construction crew size to do determine how many portable toilets you will need and how often you will need your portable toilets serviced. 

Cruzan Environmental Services has been the go-to St. Croix construction site porta-potties  company since they started back in 1964. 

If you need a little support while you get your building up, we've got your covered. Give us a call today: 340-772-0138.

Construction Portable Restroom Specifications

​​Portable restrooms are the primary sanitation facility for the construction industry. Contractors realize that when employees have to leave the job site or walk too far to use restroom facilities, it costs money. The average time needed, including travel, to make one off-site restroom usage is 7 minutes. If you divide a work's pay plus benefits/hour by 60 minutes, you'll discover the cost for each minute of restroom usage. A University of Missouri-St. Louis Study, "Provision of Sanitation Facilities at Construction Sites," calculated that at four types of construction sites studied in the St. Louis area, contractions earned an 850% return on their investment in portable faciliites. Availability of unites was important in the study. Every group of seven workers had acces to a facility within 100 feet of the group's central location. Portable units are not only less expensive than permanent facilities but their use improves productivity. ​

Our recommendations are based on number of employees and we can help you determine your needs.  Our CES requirements exceed OSHA requirements and our servicing provides you little inconvenience or extra hassle.

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